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Water You Waiting For?

Did you know getting involved with your river conservation non-profit organization has been known to cause the warm fuzzies, a huge release of endorphins, excess community pride, and potentially a farmer’s tan? 

Seriously, though… this river needs YOU! Fill out the form below, so we’ll know to call you when volunteer opportunities pop up! 

We have a range of volunteer opportunities available:

  • field work
  • office support
  • data collection and analysis
  • GIS mapping
  • tabling at outreach events
Fund our water quality monitoringGet the skinny before you dip with the Coosa River Swim Guide

Ever wondered if it is safe to swim in the Coosa? Never fear, Coosa Riverkeeper is here! From Memorial Day to Labor Day, we monitor popular recreation areas weekly for harmful pathogens like E.coli and water chemistry. Will you make a $10 donation to pay for one bacteriological sample?