Fish Guide

Coosa Riverkeeper’s Fish Guide program is here for fishers and friends to get information that they need to enjoy fish safely– with our statewide fish consumption advisories, where to cast a line, and how to cook your catch all in one place.





Reel in our work to protect anglers & their families 

Fishers, anglers, noodlers, and friends alike are such an important part of our river community. They understand firsthand that water quality has a vital role in the health of their catch and on the river they love. Many anglers work with Coosa Riverkeeper to tackle pollution concerns and fishy situations on our beloved river. Anglers are often the first to notice changes in the river, fish kills, and illegal pollution discharges. Report pollution to Coosa Riverkeeper anytime by clicking here, y’all be sure to take pictures!

The Fish Guide program is home to all you need to know (and then some) about fishing on the Coosa including interactive maps, dam release information and stream gauge info, information about the fish consumption advisories on the Coosa as well as how to reduce your exposure if you are eating from the river. Whether you are learning where to drop your first line, tracking the spawn, or looking for tasty local catch recipes– we got you covered!

If you’re interested in learning about our advocacy efforts around ensuring that families understand the fish consumption advisories, our angler survey data for the river system, or ways you can support our Free Kids Fishing Clinics, please check our our Angler Advocacy page.

There are State-Issued Fish Consumption Advisories on the Coosa for Methylmercury and PCBs. 

Take a few minutes to learn where to safely drop your line! Check out which species and sections of the Coosa have current fish consumption advisories that are issued by the Alabama Department of Public Health. You can also learn how to reduce your exposure from PCBs and methylmercury contamination along with ways to enjoy the Coosa River’s fish safely. 


Get the skinny on the fish consumption advisories and contaminants on the Coosa lakes. Dial 844-219-RISK to hear our statewide fish consumption advisories.

Cast in the Coosa

Learn more about the river, download our Game Fish Guide, stream gauge and dam release schedules, and see our interactive maps on where to find your nearest boat ramp or marina.

Cook Your Catch

Learn how to reduce your exposure to contaminants by cleaning and cooking your catch with our recipe videos, filet instruction videos, downloadable recipe cards, and more.