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Our organization works to answer the simple questions like “is it safe to swim?”, “are the fish safe to eat?”, and “what can I do to make the Coosa healthier for my community?” to ensure the public is aware of issues that impact the river, recreation, public health, and property value.

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Coosa Riverkeeper’s mission is to protect, restore, and promote the Coosa River and its tributaries. We are a citizen-based nonprofit organization working to improve water quality, protect valuable habitat, and promote recreation and public health along the Coosa River in Alabama. We patrol the waterways, educate the public, and advocate for the river. Coosa Riverkeeper is a 501(c)(3) tax-exempt organization.

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Big News from EPA on Coal Ash

Big News from EPA on Coal Ash

Last week the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) took critical steps to protect communities and clean water from toxic coal ash pollution by making it clear that utilities must deal with ash sitting in groundwater, groundwater contamination, and threats to...

Wading Down the North Fork

Wading Down the North Fork

Meet the North Fork of Yellowleaf Creek! With its headwaters along Highway 41, this Coosa River skinny water flows to Columbiana--where it meets its South Fork at the confluence of Yellowleaf Creek. The North Fork of Yellowleaf Creek flows nearby our office, and when...

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