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Coosa Riverkeeper is so excited to announce that we are now providing an inclusive online experience to enable more people to access essential online information and services barrier-free. 

In the Coosa River watershed, folks face many barriers to accessing critical public health information.

Our website now offers accessibility features and language options to eliminate obstacles for individuals with disabilities, learning difficulties, visual impairments, and those who are non-native English speakers. Whether it’s a painting, a building, or a website, the design process often inadvertently excludes certain individuals from accessing it. Designers typically cannot anticipate every unique user, resulting in unintentional barriers. To address this, we now have accessibility tools to ensure that a wider range of people can access information at their desired pace.

We aim to empower individuals who frequently face marginalization or encounter difficulties accessing information, enabling them to actively participate in our mission to protect, restore, and promote the Coosa River and its tributaries. By providing improved accessibility, we strive to ensure that everyone can access the necessary information and contribute to our cause.

Coosa Riverkeeper website users can customize their inclusive online journey by clicking the “Accessibility Tools” button found at the top of the website.

Our website now offers a feature-rich toolbar located at the top of every webpage, allowing for extensive customization. The toolbar includes a multi-language screen reader, a variety of styling options, reading aids, and a translation function supporting over 100 languages. These essential tools address the challenges posed by different fonts, as some fonts may be difficult for certain individuals to read. Additionally, not all fonts are designed with screen readers in mind, resulting in compatibility issues on many websites. The inclusion of language customization is a significant enhancement to our website. It enables not only English speakers to access information effortlessly but also individuals whose first language is Spanish, Vietnamese, or any other language.      

Now with the launch of Recite Me’s innovative accessibility toolbar on the Coosa Riverkeeper website, more diverse individuals are given hassle-free access to information and services. This will allow more users to share us on social media, report pollution, donate, read blogs like this one, and much much more! 

“It is important to provide an inclusive online experience, where everyone can use our digital world in a way which best suits their needs. As more organizations provide accessibility tools online, those who face online barriers can access information and services hassle-free. The digital world must be accessible for all.”

Ross Linnett

Founder and CEO, Recite Me

For more information on how you can provide an inclusive online experience go to Recite Me or contact a member of the team.

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