Certified River Rats


Clean Ups

Want to be a dedicated Coosa Riverkeeper volunteer? Become a Certified River Rat!

Coosa Riverkeeper is excited to introduce River Rats, our new volunteer program to encourage community members to get involved!

By becoming a Certified River Rat, you’ll be trained on all things Coosa Riverkeeper and have more opportunities to volunteer with us, get special access to events, and so much more! As a thank you for your time investment, we will send you special River Rat merchandise once you complete the course. By the end of this course, you will be able to educate the public about pollution, be knowledgeable about the history of the Coosa River, be ready to lead clean-ups and tabling events, and teach at our C.R.E.E.K. and Free Fishing Clinic Events!

Completing the program takes less than an hour and a half all together! Here’s the steps you need to take to become a Certified River Rat! You can watch all videos in a playlist on Youtube, or keep scrolling for the links to all videos & quizzes.
      • Step 1: Watch the Introduction video!
      • Step 2: Watch videos 2-9 and take the corresponding quiz after each video. You must get a 90% or higher on each quiz to pass the course and become a Certified River Rat. Be sure to click the “View Results” button after you submit your quiz to view your score.
      • Step 3: Watch the Final Steps video.
      • Step 4: Get your special merchandise in the mail, get added to our River Rats Facebook group & Instagram page, and get ready to volunteer with us!

Keep scrolling down to see all of the videos and quizzes! 

Why Should I be a Certified River Rat?

What's different about being a Certified River Rat?

If you want to be a dedicated Coosa Riverkeeper volunteer, the Certified River Rat program is for you! By going through this short course, you’ll have more options to volunteer with us and work alongside our staff in the field, at community events, Free Fishing Clinics, and more!

Note: If you are interested in volunteering at a kids event (CREEK or Free Fishing Clinic), do field work, or table at an outreach event, you must be a Certified River Rat. 

Certified River Rat Perks

After you complete the River Rats course, you’ll be sent some special River Rats merchandise as a thank you for investing your time in learning about the mighty Coosa and our organization!

Ready to jump in? Let’s go!

No quiz for the Introduction video! Head on to Video 2!

Check out our bloopers!

Thank you SO much for participating in our course and becoming a Certified River Rat! Be on the lookout for volunteer opportunities from us soon!


A huge thank you to the Robert Meyer Foundation for providing the funding for this opportunity and to Screen Door Pictures for editing the videos!