Meet Karli, our New Program Manager

Meet Karli, our new Program Manager

As the Program Manager, Karli is responsible for the successful implementation of the Swim Guide, Fish Guide, and Education and Outreach Initiatives. In 2017, Karli received her Bachelor of Science in Environmental Science with a Chemistry Concentration and a minor in Business Administration from Berry College in Rome, Georgia on the Coosa River.

During college, she worked in Berry’s Chemistry Department as a Lead Laboratory Coordinator and as a  Research Assistant for the School of Natural Sciences. In 2016, Karli was selected by the Coosa Riverkeeper staff as the Lead Swim Guide Intern overseeing the sampling teams and conducting all the lab work for the popular Swim Guide program. After her internship concluded, she returned to finish her senior year at Berry College certain that she wanted to pursue a career advocating for rivers in Alabama.

Following graduation, Karli worked as a seasonal Environmental Educator for the Cahaba Environmental Center in Montevallo, Alabama. She educated a diverse group of students about the natural and cultural history of Alabama.

In her free time, Karli is usually training for some sort of running event, drinking coffee, or talking about how much she loves the Coosa River (or maybe all three at once)! Karli is currently serving on the Junior Board of Directors for Alabama Environmental Council.

Thank you to Community Foundation of Greater Birmingham for their support of expanding our staff and programs! To read the full press release, click here for the full press release!

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