Christmas in July

It’s been a great summer… our staff has been very busy working on our new patrol boat, the Laura Moore II, and our patrol truck. We‘ve been focused on outreach, hosting events around the watershed, and looking into 2015 when we received two “presents” that made it feel like it’s Christmas in July! 

Coosa Riverkeeper was selected for Whole Foods-Mountain Brook‘s 5% Giving Day on July 1st. Our staff and volunteers came in full force (with boat in tow) and spent the entire day engaging with customers about our work to protect and restore the Coosa River! We saw lots of our members and made some new friends too– thank you for coming to support us!

Whole Foods

We’re excited to say that it was the biggest 5% Day they EVER had–totaling $5,130.11! 

Additionally, Coosa Riverkeeper was selected to receive a percentage of sales from WaterWheel Foundation at the upcoming Phish show at Verizon Wireless Amphitheater on August 1st. The net proceeds raised at each show – fan donations plus the sale of WaterWheel logo merchandise and items autographed by the band – are donated to the organization tabling at the show (us!!!!), after deducting overhead costs. This is a HUGE opportunity for us to speak with the thousands of “phans” who will attend the SOLD OUT show about the importance of clean rivers!

Screen Shot 2014-07-15 at 3.46.46 PM

Thank you for all of your support and believing in our work. When opportunities like Whole Food’s 5% Giving Day & WaterWheel Foundation come our way, we’re reminded how far we’ve come… with you by our side.

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