Give to the Coosa this Holiday Season, not Landfills

While we anxiously await the Most Wonderful Time of the Year… give to the Coosa this holiday season, not to landfills or big box stores

After Summer, many folks shift away from #lakelife or saving the skinny water. Not to mention, from Thanksgiving to New Years, in between the gift giving and countless family dinners, our trash cans are filled to the brim with packaging, wrapping paper & disposable eat-ware. As they sit on the curb, the trash can become litter as wind blows and the rain falls. As the trash is washed away from the curbside, it makes its journey into our waterways. 

This year, you can easily give the gift of clean water, by purchasing a membership to Coosa Riverkeeper for your loved ones through our Coosa Holiday Stocking Stuffer gift set!

United States Landfills receive 25% more waste during the holiday season. Collectively, Americans discard 38,000 miles of ribbon, $11 billion worth of packing material and 15 million used Christmas Trees. The worst part about this all is that all of this waste, is just that: waste.

A survey revealed that more than 9.5 billion dollars is wasted on unwanted gifts each year. Individually, the average person wastes $71 alone on gifts that no one wants. AND, more than half of all Americans don’t like at least one gift they receive per year.

So why are we wasting our time and money during the most wonderful time of the year, and succumbing to just another checklist?

Donating to non-profits during the holiday season takes the guesswork out of gift-giving, and is sure to make your friends and family feel fulfilled that they are making a positive impact on their community. 

Lakes aren’t just for stocking! This time of year you’re thinking about “stocking stuffers!”

We’re excited to launch the Coosa Holiday Stocking Stuffer gift set, which includes…

  • a one year membership to Coosa Riverkeeper
  • Cosa Riverkeeper coozie
  • all festively wrapped and decorated so you don’t have to!
  •  a unique river quote that can double as an ornament and a letter introducing our work and explaining their contribution made in their honor

Why give the gift of membership? 

  • you’ll get that warm feeling you get anytime you see something cool Coosa Riverkeeper did and know it was only possible because of your gift
  • discounted tickets on select events
  • first to hear big news
  • vote on a slate of Board of Directors nominations annually

Support a sustainable holiday and river conservation this holiday season, follow this link! It will be sure to make the recipient  smile!

What does it mean to be a member of Coosa Riverkeeper?

By gifting a membership to Coosa Riverkeeper, you are saying that your loved ones voice deserves to be among the voices advocating for the Coosa. As a staff of three full-time employees & 220 miles of river to look after, it is impossible to truly fulfill our mission without the help of our expansive member base.

Our membership is the heartbeat of our organization. Your time, donations, and feedback keep us afloat.

Coosa Riverkeeper is the voice of the Coosa River in Alabama. Join us!

Collectively, our membership (and leadership) is made up of lawyers, farmers, scientists, doctors, students, boaters, swimmers, hunters, fishermen & families.

We have a variety of voices representing the Coosa… help us grow and better represent the ever-changing needs of the watershed and the folks who “get the skinny before they dip!”

The river is a place of refuge for all, and our goal is that our member base reflects that.

This post was written by our Program Manager, Karli Riley. 


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