Silent Auctions: a Deal you Can Feel Good About

Before I dove into the non-profit world I didn’t see the value in Silent Auctions. I honestly was intimidated by the process and didn’t participate. Now, I find Silent Auctions to be the main attraction of any event- and it isn’t because of the bidding wars.  

I have learned that Silent Auctions are the worlds best kept secret when it comes to bargains. 

Imagine the rush you get when you buy something you wanted (or even better…didn’t know you wanted) for a rocking deal. And then add a second rush when you remember that your money is going to a cause you care about.  

That’s what you’re missing. 

We are lucky to be surrounded by artists & businesses that care about the Coosa River just as much as you do. They donate items that they could have sold for a profit in the name of clean swimming holes and fishable waters- and they usually go for fractions of the cost. 

Take a look at some of the items you’ll find at our 7th Annual Cheers to the Coosa Silent Auction on September 19th-

Cresent Ultralite Fishing Kayak 

Big Wills Outfitters

MSRP: $669

“The UltraLite’s lightweight construction makes it easily transportable to remote locations, and its compact design is maneuverable in small, tight areas creating a kayak ideal for creeks, rivers, and bays.” 


MSRP: $1,000

If you’ve been to Cheers to the Coosa in the past 2 years & loved your meal, this one’s for you. Chef Miguel Figueroa has been behind the tasty meals and could teach you how to do it all at home! 

Southwest Airlines

MSRP: $800

2 round trip flights. “The Southwest flight e-passes℠ are valid for travel on Southwest operated, published scheduled service only in the United States, its territories and its possessions, including Puerto Rico. There are no blackout dates associated with the Southwest flight e-pass℠.”



MSRP: $99

MSRP: $99


Alys Stephens Center | Red Mountain Theatre Co | Alabama Symphony Orchestra



We hope to get in a bidding war with you!

Because there are way worse ways to fuel a spending habit. 

Who: All the folks that love the Coosa River as much as you do!

What: A farm to table meal prepared by Chef Miguel Figueroa, beer & wine (plus a fun seasonal cocktail!), a rockin’ silent auction AND the opportunity to share stories about the Coosa with folks just like you!

Where: The Clubhouse on Highland (2908 Highland Ave, Birmingham, AL 35205)

When: September 19th from 6-9

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