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Through our Citizen Science program, community members are able to participate in the scientific process, take water quality readings, and submit data to help track harmful algal blooms.

Your Data Goes Places!

Whenever our Citizen Scientists submit data, their readings feed Coosa Riverkeeper’s program work and so much more. For Fish Guide, water temperature readings are used to help predict when the fish spawn will happen. For Swim Guide, water clarity data helps inform us of the algae growing season. For Riverkeeper Patrol, regular check-ins and photos of the river helps the Riverkeeper evaluate the river’s health and track down pollution concerns.

Beyond Coosa Riverkeeper, our Citizen Scientists feed the WilsonLab at Auburn University. The WilsonLab is an academic research lab that focuses on freshwater algal blooms and factors affecting them like water quality and temperature. They also study and track harmful algal blooms. The lab is headed by Dr. Alan Wilson, who has been a part of the Citizen Science program since its inception.

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