Girls Just Wanna Fish

Interview between Victoria, a fishing novice, and Sadie, a young competition bass fisher who fishes for the Briarwood team! We talk shop about fishing the Coosa, equipment, and so much more.

What is your home waterbody? If it’s different from your home waterbody, what is your most fished waterbody? 

Logan Martin Lake and Lay Lake

Tell me about your competition team!

My partner, Jordan Martens, and I are the only female boat on the 6 boat Briarwood Bass Team. Last year, our boat was the first female team to ever win an ASABFA (Alabama Student Angler Bass Fishing Association) Regional Championship with 19.22 pounds (5 fish) on Lake Eufaula, Alabama. Our Briarwood team ended up winning the 2019 state championship. This year our team finished 3rd overall in the State, even with our shortened season due to COVID-19.


List all the different types of fish you have encountered while freshwater fishing.

While we primarily fish black bass, such as Largemouth bass, Alabama bass, Spotted Bass, and Smallmouth Bass, we also catch  Crappie, White Bass, Hybrid Striper, Saltwater Striper, Freshwater Drum, a large variety of Sunfish, Gar, Rock Bass, and many types of catfish.

What do you fish for most often? How often do you go fishing during peak season?

Largemouth Bass, Alabama Bass and Spotted Bass, and we usually fish one to two times a week.

List everything that is on your personal fishing checklist.

My life vest, dropshot rod, wacky rig, my dad’s custom jigs, Chatterbait, good sunscreen, polarized sunglasses, plenty of water, fish treatment for the livewell, ice for the fish if the lake temperature is above 68, and a positive attitude… and apples with peanut butter (my favorite river snack!)

Tell me about what it is like being a female angler in a male dominated sport.

It is funny watching the faces of our competitors when we weigh in a big bag, but honestly all of the guys are so supportive and encouraging of my partner and I.

What advice would you give to other girls trying to get into fishing for the first time?

I really encourage other females to participate in the sport. The fish don’t know who is at the end of the line, so I would encourage girls to just go for it even though there aren’t many of us.   

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