5 Free Ways to Get Involved

5 Free Ways to Get Involved to Support Coosa Riverkeeper

We get it. You’ve got bills to pay. Mouths to feed. Lights to keep on. Presents to buy. So, we’ve put together a short list of FREE ways you can help us make an impact in your neck of the woods… 

1. Invite your friends to follow us on social media.

You like pictures of the river, right? What about time lapse videos of fishing, boating, or our lab work in action? Or, behind the scene images of how we test water quality and fight pollution?

Tell your friends and family to follow us on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. The more followers we have, the more folks can stay updated on water quality, fish consumption advisories, and important opportunities for collective action to protect the mighty Coosa River.

CONNECT WITH US: Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter

2. Volunteer with us!

We have events EVERY MONTH that we need volunteers! Whether it’s setting up, talking to folks about our work, or helping with posting flyers. We always need more hands! Sometimes we have to turn down great opportunities simply because we’re overcommitted or don’t have the man power.  

The cool thing is, we treat your time like money. We use Independent Sector’s volunteer rate $24.14 per hour and apply that to your membership… so when you give your time… we treat it like it’s money! Win-Win! For example: 4 hours of volunteering x $24.14/hour = $96.56 of your time!

Do you want to volunteer with us? Email us at [email protected] and we’ll get you on the list.

3. Attend one of our many free events!

We’re conscious about having a lot of low-cost or free events and participating in community, family friendly events.

Upcoming FREE events:

  • MARCH 24TH: You can support local music, art, and rivers  at Good People Brewing Co. that benefits Coosa, Cahaba, and Black Warrior Riverkeeper.  Click here to learn more! 
  • APRIL 7TH: Want to celebrate Spring with your family? Bring the kids and enjoy a day in the Coosa Valley by participating in the Town of Mt Laurel’s Spring Festival. Come see us at our booth!
  • MAY 5TH: Join us at Wetumpka Community Expo from 9 am – 1 pm. We’ll be telling folks about the 2018 season of Swim Guide!

4)  Subscribe to our e-mail list.

We won’t bombard you with useless information. And no, we won’t email you all the time begging for money.

We focus on right-to-know issues, so when you get our emails you can stay up to date on water quality alerts in the summer through our Swim Guide program, learn about where fish may be unsafe to eat while getting familiar with local marinas near you. Plus, we’ll keep you in the know so you can action to fight pollution on your lakes, creeks, and waterways.

5) Rep the brand with our stickers. 

That’s right, if you sign up for our email list— we’ll send you a free sticker to put on your reusable water bottle, vehicle, boat, kayak, or at your local watering hole.

The more folks see our name, our website, and the impact our work has on pub lic health and water quality— the better for our community.

SIGN UP at the top of our page where it reads, “GET OUR EMAILS”!

This post was written by our Executive Director, Justinn Overton.

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