There Must Be Something in the Water: Choccolocco Creek Bacteriological Intensive Study

This summer, Coosa Riverkeeper’s staff and interns from Talladega College’s McNair Scholarship Program are conducting an intensive 5 week study on Choccolocco Creek. Together we are investigating the presence of bacteria on Choccolocco Creek and several of its tributaries throughout Eastaboga, Oxford, and Anniston.  

Wanna see this year’s data so far? Click Here!

We’re fortunate to host five students from Talladega College this summer that will assist in this year’s monitoring program. They collect bacteria samples and basic water quality data each week. At the conclusion of the study, they will produce a research paper and presentation based off the data collected during this monitoring program. 

Previous years Monitoring Project Results have shown that Choccolocco Creek has persistently had high levels of E. coli. We are back at Choccolocco Creek sampling this summer to investigate further to see if there are high levels of E. coli and to pinpoint potential sources. You can see the results of our ongoing program in the tables below

See Previous Year’s Results

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