Learn why 2018 has been a great year by reading the blog post below and be sure to check out our infographic that shows all of this year’s successes!

Hundreds of thousands of folks use the Coosa each year to cool off during the summer, to provide supper, to create lasting memories, and to explore their backyards. We ensure the safety of these activities by monitoring swimmin’ holes, investigating pollution, engaging citizen scientists, and educating fishermen about where the fish are unsafe to eat.

A river has a head and a mouth, but it does not have a voice to speak for itself. Your support of Coosa Riverkeeper gives the Coosa a voice. Over the past eight years, that voice has unified to address the major issues that face our watershed. Your contributions give a voice to the lakes, creeks, critters, and the communities that rely on the Coosa River. 

Whether we’re in classrooms or in courtrooms, on docks or at our desks, our team has your back. Through our programs like Swim Guide, we are working to improve water quality and protect public health. We collect our own data using industry standard field and lab techniques to make sure you have all the facts to make informed decisions for your family when it comes to enjoying the Coosa. 

Our job is to protect this river. Your support enables us to do that job, so you don’t have to wonder if it’s save to swim or eat fish. Every member gives us strength in numbers so we can better defend the mighty Coosa.

When you donate to Coosa Riverkeeper, you are part of something bigger than yourself.  You are part of a movement.  Your donations don’t just pay for our programs, they give a voice to the places you love.

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