10 [Free] Ways to Support Coosa Riverkeeper

We understand you may not be in a position to give today, but you can still cast an impact:

  1. Report Pollution: if you see something fishy on the water…. take pictures, note the exact location, note the time, any odor/coloration, and report pollution to us here or call us at 205-981-6565! You can report any pollution you see anonymously. Thank you for keepin’ your eyes peeled on the water





2. Host a Facebook Fundraiser for Coosa Riverkeeper: it’s as easy and visiting this website, selecting Coosa Riverkeeper as your non-profit, setting a goal, and inviting your friends! 100% of the proceeds you raise are donated to us! Get Started!

   3. Add us on AmazonSmile: when you shop on Amazon you can donate a percentage of each of your purchases back to Coosa Riverkeeper. Click here to add us to your Amazon account and select Coosa Riverkeeper.

   4. Follow Us on Social Media on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram for great articles, blog posts, information and pictures.

   5. Get our Emails: sign up to receive our emails with action alerts, water quality data, and upcoming events by visiting CoosaRiver.org!

    6. Reel in Good Info on Fishing: Check out our interactive map that will show you where fish consumption advisories are in your neck of the woods, what the advisories mean for your health, and more6

   7. Text Alerts: Want to know water quality in your neck of the woods? We make it easy for you by sending you a free text each week with the latest water quality info. 

Sign up here!



8. Get the Skinny Before You Dip: we test water quality weekly for E. coli from Memorial Day to Labor Day. We test 30 sites on the river for 16 weeks. Click here to learn more about Swim Guide!

   9. Read our Blog Posts: we spend a ton of time creating and compiling resources that explain the history of the Coosa, our work to protect it, laws we work to uphold that keep the critters and folks like you safe as you enjoy it, and more…read our latest blog posts!

pic: Noccalula Falls Park

   10. Tag Us in Your Pics: 

We wanna know how you enjoy the Coosa… tag us in your pictures on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram to be featured on our page! 

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